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What is CALL ???


What is CALL ?? 

My friend said :
How to call someon.

Are you sure ???
Oh, No !! It's my new subject in this semester ( The 6th). Many students who take this subject are curious in it. But, of course we have the general idea even concept what it is about. 
CALL stands for Computer Assisted Language Learning.
           The course is designed for both pre-service and in-service teacher trainees who are interested in using technology in the classroom. In this course trainees will be guided to learn both concepts underlying the integration of technology in the education and also to learn some practical things regarding the integration of technology into classroom instruction.
          This course is designed based on a blended learning approach that hopefully will give ease for the trainees to keep on learning and interact with other trainees at their comfortable times in the case of not being able to attend the direct on campus classroom meeting. Although online instruction is also delivered through this site yet the students’ physical classroom attendance is still highly required due to the university requirements.
          The offering of the course is based on the first-come-and-first-served basis. Thus, since the seats are very limited then the priority will only be given to the first persons registering.
There are regular meeting scheduled for the course which worth about 4 credit semester. That means about 20o minutes per meeting per week. During that ‘very long meeting’ students will be encouraged to work cooperatively both by peer and the tutor.

the further information and discussions, let's check on my lecturer's web :

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