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Mangrove Ecotourism: My Most Fabulous Traveling

 This quite new mangrove ecotourism in east java is well-known as Pamurbaya, Pantai Timur Surabaya (Surabaya eastern beach), this is a “colleen” object I choose that blends a rich beauty panorama into environmental preservation.
When I was still in Surabaya, my friends and I always thought to visit peaceful place that could bring us into natural beauty object. The high recommended one is Wisata Anyar Mangrove (WAM) Surabaya as fabulous challenge traveling, located in Wonorejo, Rungkut. It was the reachable way to UPN University.
For the first, I was shocked by the appearance of monkey. The tourist information said that we didn’t need to be afraid because we would see interesting flora of mangrove plantations and fauna that live within the forest like long-tail monkeys (type Macaca fascicularis) and more than 40 migration-water birds from Australia to Europe that  stop in this place. Waw, I couldn’t imagine that when I walked along this journey, the monkeys were trying to run me down.
Oh no!
Back to parking area. Here, we only paid Rp. 2.000 then we could go as long as the forest.  Essentially, there are two ways for enjoying this cozy trek: the first is by renting boat (Rp. 25.000/person) to go the checkpoint (Dermaga Mangrove) in the middle of the sea that is made from bamboo and the second way is by jogging track, the foot path along mangrove plantations from bamboo-weaver. We got a bit worried for renting boat. Thus, we decided to choose jogging track as a challenge. In the middle of trek, we were getting doubt because of monkey behind my friend. Then she dragged me to run and leave this way. Unfortunately, high heels made she lost her footing while we were clinging to a tree trunk. In several times, my feet slipped on the hole of bamboo path to run as soon as possible together. By now, we were shaky and I got weak legs. Felt like drenching of sweat and breathing hard. Nothing to see except our broken sandals and a bottle of mineral water whilst our mobile phone in motor seat. We were smile and grateful for confronting brutal trekking.
Later we decided to rent the boat to go Dermaga Mangrove that would take around 20 minutes. There, I sat in the bamboo while looking up at cloudy-blue sky. All of exhausted were vanished. Amazingly, at first sight I looked out and loved the vast beautiful expanse of mangrove forest and ocean. I realized this “colleen” object that quite new is a support to environmental preservation in Surabaya eastern beach, the wonderful potential for safeguarding environmental degradation and keeping ecosystem balance.
For me that’s a spectacular panorama I’ve ever seen and also my most fabulous traveling I’ve ever had. Not to wear high heel, to prepare enough food and drink, to check mobile phone and camera are the most important preparations for fabulous traveling with all eventuality.

The way to enjoy ecotorism

This writing has been  submitted for "Fabulous Traveling" writing contest.

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