Jumat, 30 Mei 2014

Rendezvous, My Last Choice

Hi guys, 

I’ve just changed my header blog. It seems simple than before (let the words talk here -red.). Have you known the meaning of this ? Ok, lemme share a glance explanation. Ready! 

The word rendezvous (read : randefuu) means meet or it can be the place of meeting. It takes from france language and now it can be English language. I got this word from Mr. Agil (my speaking lecturer when I took  those subject. 

By those title above, I hope this pages become the right  place to share everything. Including my daily, knowledge, experience etc. we can’t meet, face others, and chatting. But our writing bridge us to meet here.
Eventually, I personally want to say sorry for new comers of this pages for coming late to your virtual house. But I promise if you come here and leave your trace, I go to your page directly.

Ok dear, happy blogging

1 komentar:

  1. Sebelum "Rendezvous" become your Last Choice, memang Header blognya apa Mba? Semoga Harapannya benar2 terkabul.